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Western Kentucky University Professors (WKU)

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Western Kentucky University
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Great Teacher, always willing to help. If you put in some effort the class is easy to pass.
She is very nice, the only thing you need to know is that when she gives you a study guide, IT IS THE TEST. Study it very closely and fly through the course.
Best professor you will ever encounter. Brilliant.
This class required a lot of work for an intro level class, but I learned much. She was totally accommodating when I missed a crucial assignment. I would take her again and I think she is VERY smart and open to other viewpoints.
Overall a pretty good teacher. She's from Turkey and has a bit of an accent but her English is pretty good. I got used to her voice by the end of the first week. There are plenty of opportunities to bump your grade up with homework, just show all of your work and show up to class and you will be fine.
She is awesome and so funny, she WILL call on you so be ready! She is always available for help and she really is a nice lady. If you go to class, participate, do all your homework, and pay attention you will do just fine!
Dr. Steele is a wonderful man and an inspiring teacher. It has been many years, yet I often still think of him and what he said of my work. Some of it still burns.
Dr. Siewers is a good professor. The subject material is a little bland in 112 but he makes it as interesting as possible. Detailed study guide before exams so makes it easier to focus on what you need to study. Must read your book to help comprehend the material better. Look forward to taking a class with him again.
We had maybe 6 or 7 opportunities to be graded for the semester. When he grades his essay only test you will get feedback like, "no." or "not enough." When I got a A in one part of the essay I received no feedback at all. He is a very tough teacher, and this is a gen. ed. 100 level class.. Take it with someone else, stress over something else!

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