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He's a really good teacher his accent is kind of thick but as the semester goes on you get used to it. He uses class examples and problems from the book on tests. Also reuses questions from old tests. Clicker questions don't count against you if you get them wrong. They only count for attendance. There's no quizzes or projects. Just 3 tests, the final, and homework. Will give partial credit on test if you do the work for a question but the answer is wrong. Good teacher but physics is still hard.
Wonderful teacher. I found his tests to be very easy. He reviews what's going to be on the test during lab if you stay behind. Labs get out early and aren't hard. Lab practical was a little challenging but still made a 95. He expects a lot on the endocrine lab report but still got a 93 which is the lowest grade I've gotten in his class. I study while I walk to class the day of the test and still make 100. 1 oral question on each test, not challenging.
Her lectures are always all over the place and her method of assigning grades is terrible.
Very interesting class and Dr. Johnson is very entertaining. He's also good about breaking things down when needed.
Very easy to go to if you need help with the work.

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