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Dr. Crocitto is, hands down, the most engaging, thorough, and all around most awesome Teacher I have EVER had. He is very passionate about the field of Counseling and it's evident in his atypical lectures. We had sooo much fun in this class. At the end, you leave this class with an abundance of knowledge and a clear understanding of the different theories. He get an A+++++++++++++++
Does a good job explaining the material with lots of notes and examples. The course is challenging but he applies a curve to assure reasonable grades
Does his job, but at times is difficult to understand. Provides a lot of opportunities for you to do well.
Very nice guy, he really made the material easy to grasp and gave extra credit opportunities.
She is an excellent teacher! Definitely take her if you can. English will become more clear and much easier for you with Dr. Damian. She's nice too! And HOT!

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