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U Guelph
University of Guelph

David Wallace

University of Guelph

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AH Rm:112
519-824-4120 x52003

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ch 5 psyc 2390

  • Lecture Date: Nov 11, 2014
  • ch 5 difficult to design a perceiving machine?stimulus on Rc is ambiguousonce we know the shape of the object and distance from the eye, determining objects image o...
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ch 6 psyc 2390

  • Lecture Date: Nov 13, 2014
  • ch 6 psycvisual attentionscanning a scenesaccadic eye movementrapid jerky movemnt from one fixation to nextscanning involves overt attentioninvolves looking directl...
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psyc 2390 ch 10

  • Lecture Date: Nov 4, 2014
  • psyc ch 10cue approach to depth perception which focus on identifying information in retinal image that is correlated with depth in sceneocclusion – a cue that on...
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Part A 4/5

  • Pages: 6
  • Lecture Date: Oct 15, 2014
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